Better Ministry Starts With You

Whether you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned minister, your work is consistently changing.   New strategies and methods need to be adopted and applied.  

At Skilled Pastor, my goal is to be your resource for practical ministry today.  The books we read usually come from people that have had enormous success.   And while there's much we can learn from them; there's a middle voice missing.  We need that friend who is in the trenches with us now and understands our current challenges.

The Median church weekly attendance in America is 75 weekly participants.  There's a good chance this number resembles the church or ministry you lead.  So the question is, how can we faithfully serve those who attend our churches while reaching those outside our church walls?  At Skilled Pastor, I want to help.  Like you, I want my church to grow.  And like you, I want to be faithful to God's mission and the people I serve.  Skilled Pastor is not about the quick fix for quick growth, but it is the solution for healthy consistent growth.  

Our posts speak to the realities of small church ministry while stretching our faith to do greater things for God.  I'm just one man seeking to sharpen another, so I invite you to join the conversation here.

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